How Unique is Your Flash Drive?

What is the USB drive? How does it look like? Some rectangular device? Right? We say “No! It can look any way you wish! And we will help you create it!”

You are able to imagine any shape of your proper flash drive, but don’t know where to order it? You are welcome on our site!
Which personalized memory sticks do you want? Can’t decide? Look at what we have already created, and come up with your own design.

1. Unusual materials

Even the most common flash drive of geometric shape (rectangular, triangular, round, oval, cubic, spherical etc.) can look unusual and outstanding thanks to the material it’s made of. Certainly, plastic is very well spread, but what do you say about the relief one? Going on the topic of materials, how to make a flash drive look more respectable and impressive? Wood and leather! Create such a device with any sign, logotype or inscription, and there would not be the same flash drive in the world! If you are interested in leather or wood flash drives, you can order them on our site, and we will give you a customized flash drive with your favorite design and emblem of your brand.

2. Pens and flash drives

Do you think flash drive can have only one purpose? The answer is also “No”. Are you a busy person? Have you encountered the situation when you urgently have to write something down, but there is no pen present near at hand? Your phone, gadgets, keys, food, everything is here, but not a pen? Sure, you have. Now there is a way out! Pen Flash Drive! Use it as a pen and as a flash drive when needed. When you have a pen flash drive, you can be sure that you won’t lose your favorite flash drive with all the data. You will always have something to write with and something to save the document on. You can also order on our site not only a Pen Flash Drive but also a custom Pen Flash Drive with the logo of your company.

3. Bracelet flash drives

It is not a secret that sometimes there are so many things in your bag or at the table that you cannot find your flash card. So, a solution is to create a Bracelet Flash Drive. Why not? Bright plastic or respectable leather option is your choice. And you can choose not only the material of the bracelet but its color and design as well. If you want to be remarkable for your colleagues, friends, and clients, you can ask us to make a Bracelet Flash Drive with the symbol of your brand.

4. Credit cards and keys

Another rather unusual idea is to make Plastic Credit Card Flash Drive or Key Flash Drive. Are there many robbers in your city? Imagine how frustrating would it be for them to find a couple of pictures instead of a good sum of money on the card or real keys to the apartment! Don’t find it useful? You can order these flash drives in absolutely different designs. You can make your credit card flash drive look like the real credit card or like a card with the name of your brand. The Key Flash Drive can also be designed with the logo of your brand.

5. Bottle openers

Now think about the weekend somewhere in the countryside. Is it possible to bring your favorite film and to open a glass bottle using only one thing? You are absolutely right again: yes, of course! Take with you a Bottle Opener Flash Drive! If you have such a device, you will not have any problems with opening bottles. Also, you will not lose your flash drive. You can order a Bottle Opener Flash Drive with the logo of your company.

6. Other ideas

And now… Are you fond of spinners? Or Lego? Or some heroes from films or computer games? Or maybe flowers or animals? Do you want to keep them with you all the time and get some benefit from this? Why not create such a Flash Drive? We give you an opportunity to get a flash drive with your design. You can find any object that you want to turn into a flash drive and ask us to help. You are welcome not only to come up with your own design of the flash drive but also to choose proper characteristics of it from ones below:

• interface (2.0, which is the most common, or 3.0, the newer and gaining more power)

• material (plastic, rubber or metal)

• storage (from 128 MB to 128 GB)

• quality (custom or from 25 to 2500).

After choosing all these parameters and the design of the flash drive, you will contact our account manager to turn your idea into a proper flash drive.

The most common custom design for the flash drive is a Lego figure. You can order a flash drive in a shape of a car or bullet, and these shapes are also common enough. You can also order a flash drive in the shape of the logo of your company to have an astonishing advertisement for your brand.

If you are a fan of any superhero, which is presented in different films, cartoons or comics, we can make а flash drive in the shape of your favorite hero or his/her sign. If you like any special candy, you are able to order a flash drive in the shape of it. You can also get a flash drive in the shape of a geometrical figure. Your personal thing will show others your individuality and character. Custom flash drives can also help you find the necessary information. Also, you will not confuse several flash drives as they won’t be similar. You get a unique and unusual drive that will distinguish you from other people.

Making flash drives in your customized designs is an outstanding work for us and we try to give you the thing that fits all your needs. We try to make customized flash drives, which are suitable not only for needs of our clients but also serve as an outstanding present for friends and colleagues. If you have any unusual idea, we will do our best to meet your wishes.

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