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Osaki EC-555 Full Body Massage Chair – EC-555 Black

  • Black Color
  • Galaxy EC-555 Full Body Massage Chair Name
  • Massage Chair Type
  • ?Full Body Massage Chair Features
  • Timer 5 / 10 / 15 / 20 / 25 / 30 min Specifications

PL002 Prosepra Mini Penguin Massager – Prospera

  • White Color
  • Mini Penguin Massager Name
  • Hand-held Massager Type
  • Prosepra's sleek Mini Penguin Massager delivers a steady, relaxing massage to tired muscles. Your neck, shoulders and face will sigh with relief when you sooth them with the Prosepra Mini Penguin. The Mini Penguin's small size is perfect for a woman's hand but powerful enough to bring relief to the tightest muscles. Mini Penguin Massagers come in packages of two – Silver and White. Perfect as a gift set. At only $39.99, buy one for home, one for the office, or one for the car. Or buy a set for a friend! Features
  • Ergonomically designed for optimum comfort Specifications

PL005 Prospera Massage Hairbrush- infrared and blue light improve scalp blood circulation, make hair more beautiful, reduce dandruff

  • White Color
  • Prospera Massage hair brush Name
  • vibration Type
  • 9700rpm Features
  • hand-held Specifications
  • 1.5W Power Consumption
  • 2AA Power Source
  • 9x2x1 Dimensions
  • 5.2oz Weight
  • N/A Value

PL019 Prospera iRoller Foot Massager, vibration reflexology massage, water tank hold hot or cold water, eco-friendly material

  • Blue Color
  • iRoller Foot Massager Name
  • Vibration Massage Type
  • Unique target on foot, legs and calves Features
  • Hand-held Specifications
  • 10W Power Consumption
  • 2AA Power Source
  • 7x3x3 Dimensions
  • 0.7lb Weight
  • N/A Value

Snailax 3-in-1 Foot Warmer and Vibration Foot Massager, Heated Back Massager, 5 Massage Modes – SNAILAX – SL522V

Available with Name 3-in-1 Foot and Back Vibration Massager with Heat, Foot Massager Type Includes Features 3-in-1 Back & Foot