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Euro-Pro Shark S3101 Electric Steam Mop

  • Steam Mop Name
  • Make dirty floors a thing of the past. With triple-layer, steam-activated micro-fiber pads, the Shark Steam Mop loosens, lifts, and locks in dirt. What's more, its super-heated steam sanitizes floors, killing harmful germs and E. coli. And the Steam Mop does it all without the use of harmful chemicals - making it an ideal choice around pets and children. Think your current mop can do that? Features
  • Multi-Color Color
  • 120 V Motor Volts
  • 1550W Motor Wattage

Wham-O 64795 Slip 'N Slide Hydroplane Double XL Quad Lane 16 Foot Water Slide – Quad Racer With Boogies

Available with 192 Assembled Length (in.), Multi-Color Color Includes Color Mapping Multi-Color, Double waterfall, sprinklers, splash zone, boogies Features