Promotional offerings, Deals, Promo Codes, Rebates, Gifts, Combo Specials, Bundle Specials, Discounts, and etc. (collectively, “Promotions”) are subject to change without notice. In addition, ExportHub reserves the right to modify or cancel Promotions, Deals, Promo Codes, Rebates, Gifts, Combo Specials, Bundle Specials, Discounts, and etc. at any time, for any reason, and without notice, but will honor orders already placed.

Please see below for information concerning each of the Promotions.

Promo Codes

ExportHub will sometimes furnish an alphanumeric code that can be used for promotions on the Site. These promotional codes may be found in print and/or online advertisements, sent via email to our Newsletter and/or Promotion subscribers, presented on the Site or circulated at events and through other means. Some of the specials offered by entering a Promo Code during checkout include free shipping, volume discounts or free gifts. The provisions for a Promo Code will be included with the code itself; if an expiration date or other condition is stipulated, just reference where you acquired the code for the exact requirements. Please note that Promo Codes are not redeemable for cash and you must spend more than the discount price in order for a promotion to be applied. For example, if a Promo Code offered $10.00 off your next purchase, you would need to spend more than $10.00 to redeem your discount.


For your convenience, ExportHub does its best to advertise any current rebates on the Site. Any use of these rebates is limited to the terms and conditions specified by the product manufacturer. If you have any questions regarding rebate terms and conditions, please contact the manufacturer directly.

Bundle Specials

Bundle Specials are offered to ExportHub shoppers as a way to purchase multiple items together at a discounted price. Only one of each Bundle Special can be purchased per order. Offers valid only while supplies of all items within the bundle last. If you attempt to purchase multiple units of a Bundle Special, be advised that items with a mail-in rebate will yield only one redeemable rebate offer (per the manufacturer’s “limit one per household” provision). ExportHub cannot guarantee the compatibility of bundle items. Please contact the manufacturer(s) directly if you have issues or concerns regarding compatibility.